Texture and Pattern

_MG_7349 _MG_7351 _MG_7352 _MG_7360 _MG_7354 _MG_7355_MG_7007 2co_MG_6313 block _MG_6963 _MG_6965 _MG_6978 _MG_6984 _MG_6993 _MG_6995 _MG_6998 _MG_7005           Pavement Skylight Grass Bricks Pavement



All Images © JPagePhotography

2 thoughts on “Texture and Pattern

  1. Morning Jessica.
    Love your work. You have been gifted to capture the light, shadows, shapes, colors and designs that draw the viewer into it, and any message your thought you are trying to convey.

    Thanks again for assisting me the other day with used frames at Lafontse gallery. You are very kind and helpful.

    Blessings to you and all your endeavors.

    Randy Brewer

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