This last month, month and a half, really the whole summer has been a flurry of activity!  We finished up at our old jobs, packed a Penske truck Tetris-style (Anthony is master at it by the way) and with two of our closest friends (Thanks Steve and Amanda!) we moved all the way across the country!  We and the cats are pretty settled, I have a job, Anthony started school, cats had their booster shots, and we only have like five boxes left to unpack! Life is good 🙂

Dinner in Tucumcari NM









Mariel’s Mom’s house, also in NM but closer to the Arizona border









Our first full weekend in AZ we decided to get away for a night and go camping in the mountains.  This was shot on the way there of a storm rolling in










That Saturday morning we were woken up by some strange noises and when we poked our heads out there was a group of Cattle eating breakfast at the site next door!  They didn’t stay for very long and cleaned up after themselves 😉

IMG_6951 IMG_6946










Purple Cacti!  I loved these little guys. We went to the Desert Botanical Gardens this last Sunday morning and got to see all sorts of different cacti plants.



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