Recently (read a month or so ago) I collaborated on my first ever installation piece with fellow artist, Anthony Mead.  We built a fort, yes a fort, for this years Site:Lab at Blandford Nature Center as part of the Dinderbeck Fortified show. The idea behind our fort was to incorporate and artistically represent the four elements; wind, fire, earth, and water.  We also wanted to combine our individual artistic styles, we both work with patterns and textures though Anthony does more with symbolism and I work more with light.  The show was awesome!  There were so many really cool forts and art pieces all interacting with the natural surroundings, lots of fun people, music, beer, and food.  Great job to everyone!  See below for links.

_MG_7235 _MG_7255 _MG_7240 _MG_7242 _MG_7245 _MG_7301 _MG_7214

To see Anthony’s website:

To see images from Dinderbeck’s Fortified:

To see Site:Lab’s Blandford facebook event:

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